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Sailor to Student

A simple and straightforward beginner's guide to enhancing your understanding of personal finances and the stock market.

Who is Tony Elion Jr?


A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Tony Elion Jr. is a US veteran, scholar, author, playwright, musician, and life coach. Tony fell in love with writing at a very young age and used his words to express his inner thoughts in a variety of mediums. As a writer, he moves fluidly from music, to stage plays, to literature, and more. He has written three books, two stage plays, and five albums. Consistently focused on producing quality material, Tony illustrates the limitless capacity of just how bright his star can shine.


Tony has studied and taught around the world. Tony's love for learning new things, curiosity about the unknown, and the desire to travel has propelled him around the world to 32 countries and six continents. 


During his time in law school, Tony not only made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the stock market but also founded Love Now, Inc. Love Now, Inc., is a non-profit focused on offering educational, financial, and essential resources and assistance to the community. Philanthropy remains a top priority and Love Now, Inc. is the vehicle Tony uses to reach people.

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Sailor to Student

Sailor to Student by: Tony Elion Jr.